Conduct Code

Code of Conduct

“ProDJ’s culture, vision and values imply that we strive to be acknowledged as a responsible, loyal, competent and memorable company, and that also intends to emphasize in the human formation of proDJ professionals.

A code will never manage to have answers for everything, regardless of its length. That does not, however, inhibit us, from creating our own customized code with our “Ten Commandments”, perceiving them, just like a garden, as living items that must be maintained, replaced and improved.

This code is an instrument which aims to help all those who have ethical concerns and who intend to do good.

We know that the reputation we have in society is not achieved by decree or by code. ProDJ’s reputation is accomplished by its people. And our people should know our rules of conduct to align themselves with the proDJ values.

We are what we do.

We are proud of each other.”

1. To be good is not enough.

To be good does not provide an award.

To be good is a natural attitude of a proDJ professional. The proDJ professional has excellence as his starting point and acts with focus on the continuous improvement and on the exceedance of expectations. This posture is as natural to us as breathing.

2. Subordination to legality

The proDJ professional must never practice, in the name of proDJ, any act which violates legal regulations, these being applicable to his activity or nor.

3. Relationship with clients and suppliers

ProDJ avoids relationships with clients or suppliers whose posture is incompatible with this Code of Conduct.

At any situation the proDJ professional always acts with affability, courtesy and professional pride in his relationships with clients, suppliers and any other third parties.

4. Loyalty enhancement

The proDJ professional acts in a loyal manner with clients and suppliers. This loyalty is an inseparable complement to the proDJ trademark. A simple incident which calls proDJ’s reputation into question may overthrow the long effort, made continuously in the achievement and maintenance of our reputation as a loyal partner.

5. The secret is in repetition

Just as in any kind of sport or intellectual activity, the secret of excellence is in repetition. No one will become good without repetition.

Practice, practice, practice and only then, when we are already starting to master the movements so as to perform them smoothly, can we start thinking of having the whim to join the club of the best.

6. Respect for other people’s time

If you cannot arrive on time, arrive earlier.

The lack of punctuality has a multiplier impact on productivity and, therefore, on the economy. As a matter of fact, the lack of punctuality is one of the enabling environments to the proliferation of impoverishment. Those to whom we cause delays may also delay others because of us. This contamination, all added at the end of one year in all families, companies and institutions, results in astronomical losses of money in the country.

By contrast, the rigorousness with punctuality has a beneficial effect which raises the level of our ecosystem. In other words, other people know that if they are punctual they will not wait for us, and vice-versa.

7. Ambition, demand, passion and competence

The same way it is not possible to acknowledge a chef who lacks these attributes, a DJ will also never be able to make ‘good dishes’ without them.

A chef has only been able to rise to that status because one day he decided that he aspired to more.

Not even the best chef in the world will be able to make a good dish without ambition, demand, passion and competence.

Likewise, the proDJ professional has everything to shine in the ‘dishes’ by nurturing these values.

8. In order to innovate, making mistakes is an alternative: Take a chance!

If we want to be different, we have to think outside the box. We have to try on new solutions. We cannot be followers and we cannot settle for the status quo. In one word: we have to innovate, and hence, risk something.

The fear of making mistakes restrains a creative, open and entrepreneurial spirit.

At proDJ we weigh up the risks associated with error in the innovation process and we face this with ease.

9. This is not to be done on one’s own

At proDJ we know that we succeed and fail together.

We share new ideas, perspectives and technologies, both among ourselves as through our network of partners.

Our job would not be possible nor would it make sense if it did not imply other people, regardless of them being family, friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers or the public.

We are a cohesive group with a strong spirit of mutual aid. We are proud of each other.

10. Averageness or effort

There is no second option.

In a time when all human activities take place at hyper competitive settings, an individual who does not try hard can only rise to averageness, at most.

And that is if he is lucky.

But because we believe that luck is a lot of work, at proDJ we strive to conquer in an aggressive manner, performing it with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, without forgetting that without sacrifice there is no gain!