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Ultimate DJ Course

DJ Booking Management


We have combined the complete DJ course with the BOOKING and MANAGEMENT modules. It is an excellent option for those who intend to have a complete training in the DJ area. For all ages, all levels of knowledge, regardless of musical style.

Our rooms are equipped with pioneer equipment, technics and native instruments: CDJ/DJM2000, CDJ/DJM900nxs, CDJ/DJM350, RMX1000, NI traktor kontrol S8, maschine jam and studio, X1 and F1, PLX1000 pioneer plates and with the famous vinyl plates techincs SL1210. Students have a work station always available to them. Experience Required: None.


If you are looking for a complete and unique training here you have it: PREMIUM is the course designed for those who want to have a training from A to Z. A PRODJ collection of courses with an extensive learning program. You will acquire in-depth knowledge not only for a perfect MIXING but also a candidate for TOP producer.



Digital gear | Mixing genres | Analogue vs digital | Pitch matching | Effects processor | Real-time remix | Musical Arrangement | Dynamic equing | Musical selection | DJ Room, DJ Club and DJ top are included

MASTER Producer

Digital Audio and MIDI | Mixing and aesthetics effects | preparation of loops and samples | Composition and arrangement | Recording | Microphones and connections | Ableton Live | Edits, Remixes and Mashups | Logic Pro | Sampling and audio manipulation | Introduction to mixing | Introduction to Mastering | Sound Design | Presets manipulation | Chord progression | Compression | Dynamics and Stereo imaging | Mixing vocals


Improving your mixing | Manipulation of Acapellas | Owning your DJ Software | Scratching | Upgrade your transitions

Traktor DJ

Pitching techniques | Advanced Equine | Control your mixing | Preferences | Advanced setup | Connections and cables | Markers | Cue points | Loops and remix decks | Recording | Effects | Integrations with other apps | NI tractor and Rekordbox


Maschine Setup | Importing Samples | Libraries | Drum kits | Programing macros | Traktor control | Maschine Jam


Importance of booking | Booking vs management | Setting your gigs | Booking , when? | Commissions and payments | choosing a booker


You’re a BRAND | strategic definition | Promotion and activity | Definition of Career | Career plan | Career management | Artistic coordination | Negociating contracts | sources of income

WORK Career***

FIVE workshops though by the best professionals in the business | duration 90 minutes | web marketing | Social network | Personal marketing | Photographic attitude


4 X

  • 75H
  • Flexible schedules *
  • Master Dj
  • Management
  • Booking
  • Total: 1.520€*
Enroll now!

* – add €100 registration (PRODJ students do not pay) with personal accident insurance included and DGERT diploma

** – includes personal accident insurance and DGERT diploma

*** – these workshops will be held in Lisbon on a single day.


4 X

  • 75 hours
  • 4 X 380€/month
  • Total: 1.520€*
Enroll now!

* – add €100 registration (PRODJ students do not pay) with personal accident insurance included and DGERT diploma

** – includes personal accident insurance and DGERT diploma

*** – these workshops will be held in Lisbon on a single day.


Classes with fully FLEXIBLE schedules
Government CERTIFIED courses
Our teaching is “Learning by Doing”

Certified and EXPERIENCED Tutors
Our courses are VAT DEDUCTIBLE (Portugal only)
PARTNERSHIPS that are showcases for our students


Is the course certified?

Yes! ALL PRODJ courses are certified by the DGERT-Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations, which is the only body authorized to certify trainers who have demonstrated in practice the ability to follow a high standard education.

How long is the course?

We estimate that the Premium course will take between 15 and 20 months to complete depending on the student’s availability. PRODJ courses have a great flexibility of schedule. For students who have other professional activity it is possible, at least in the DJ classes, to change the rhythm of the classes as it is more convenient.

Dos the course have a fixed start date?

No! Dj courses start all the time and have flexible schedules. The production courses are in class and although they do not have dates fixed well in advance, they always have a beginning and a scheduled end. We advise you to ask the expected start date of the production courses.

I´m not 18 years old. Can I sign up?

You can sign up with written permission from your parents or legal representatives.

I still have questions

Look for our general FAQ. If your questions remain please send an MAIL or contact + 351 211 547 224. Our response will be quick.

I´m foreigner student, How do I enroll?

Like any other student, a valid ID is required. In Portugal there are several types of visas: short-stay, temporary and residence. These visas must always be requested in a diplomatic mission or consular post of Portuguese career abroad, in this case the country of origin of the student. For courses shorter than 90 days short-term visas are indicated. After payment of the registration fee of 150 euros, value returned with the payment of the course, the student will receive a proof of enrollment in PRODJ. This document, stamped and signed, is essential to obtain the required visa.


Certified courses
Flexible schedules


Professionals DJ Tutors
Learning by doing


Students showcases
Custom classroom